What Makes Alexandria Beautiful, Tree Edition: The Beadle Oak – A Magnificent Rare Hybrid Tree, Beautiful in Every Season!

The Beadle Oak Tree in Cameron Run Regional Park, Alexandria, VA (Photo: Sara Kohn)

Alexandria, VA – A significant rare hybrid tree – the Beadles Oak – is located off the parking lot on the grounds of Cameron Run Regional Park in Alexandria. This rare tree is a hybrid of the white oak and the swamp chestnut oak. It combines the abundant acorn production and preferred timber quality of a true white oak with the large acorns and the appeal of the fast-growing swamp chestnut oak. The tree provides ample acorns to the native wildlife population. When you visit the beautiful Cameron Run recreational park, please take a minute to enjoy this majestic tree that is beautiful in every season!

Overwintering is a Good Thing!

By Leah Bancheri

Overwintering plants protects them during the winter months to help them survive and thrive when temperatures drop. Common practices include bringing plants indoors, applying mulch to insulate soil, pruning dead branches, providing adequate water before frost, ensuring proper light exposure for indoor plants, monitoring for pests, and using protective coverings for delicate plants. It’s like giving your plants a winter care package to shield them from the cold and support their well-being until the warmer days return!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to overwintering:

1) Choose healthy plants

2) Bring plants inside before first frost

3) Treat plants for pests

4) Prune your plant

5) Place in an area with lots of sunlight

6) Do not over water

7) Bring the plant back outside in the spring

(Photo: Steve Cohen)
(Photo: Steve Cohen)

Did You Know?

By Steve Cohen

Fort Ward Park, constructed during the Civil War, was an earthen fortification to safeguard Washington, DC. Today, during October and November, it protects the beautiful fall foliage! The park offers a range of amenities, including an amphitheater, a designated area for dog exercise, a museum, a park shelter, ample parking, picnic spots, and a playground.

(Photo: Cindy Wallace)
(Photo: Cindy Wallace)

Holiday Inspiration: A Community Effort Brings to Life a 300’ Mural in Alexandria’s West End

Congratulations to Cindy Wallace and Len Garon, two great artists and one outstanding award-winning mural, The Time Travel, 5712 Edsall Road, Alexandria. Their collaboration of artistic styles rendered an incredible work of art about the city’s history and culture, featured on a warehouse building that went from being unnoticed to being a part of the community. The piece truly represents a community coming together to create something unique.

The West End of Alexandria and its wealth of history made it easy for these two artists to create the perfect theme. Numerous people and organizations played critical roles in bringing the mural to life, including

  • Philanthropist and art lover Leonard Greenberg of Greenhill Companies, who owns Van Dorn Station, provided generous funding and inspiration;
  • Project manager Mindy Lyle gathered numerous volunteers to help the artists;
  • The Home Depot on S. Pickett Street donated all of the paint supplies;
  • Johnny Bemuy painted the frame around the mural;
  • Sunbelt Rentals donated the lift;
  • Jay Korff of Channel 7 News did a spectacular job videotaping the artists for eight weeks; and
  • Samuel Tucker Elementary School teacher Mr. Murphy brought students to observe the painting process and learn about the artwork and history of Alexandria.

Cindy said, “The kids’ participation gave me goosebumps. The children were so well-behaved and full of questions and suggestions!”

Finally, let’s not forget the lovely people who watched from their porches across the street every day. “I felt like they were guardian angels watching over us,” said Cindy. “One lady brought me a warm scarf when the weather started to get cold, other boys frequently stopped by to chat with the artists about the mural, and one young boy actually drew a picture for me!”

The Time Travel conveys the history of Alexandria and serves as a reminder during this holiday season of Alexandria’s magical community.

ICYMI: December Meetings Scheduled to Discuss Fort Ward Park Playground Relocation

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