Adopt a Pet in Alexandria: Meet Max

Max (Photo: AWLA)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Do you want to see some of adoptable Max’s impressions? This goofy guy is full of personality and hilarious faces that will keep his new family entertained. Max had a little break from the shelter in a foster home and his temporary foster family had nothing but glowing reviews for this guy. He did very well with the other dog in the home and was extremely cuddly. Max loves to stay close and keep on eye on what you’re doing. He is crate trained and has perfect house manners. As a young pup, he enjoys expending energy on walks or a game of fetch. If you’re looking for a love bug that doesn’t know the definition of personal space, Max is totally your dude.

The AWLA is located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave. Founded in 1946, the AWLA has supported and served as a resource for homeless animals. The organization remains an integral part of the community by providing opportunities for adoption, spay and neuter assistance, education, and outreach. To learn more, visit

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