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PHOTOS: Alexandria Car Show Featured 100 Cars Celebrating 60s Elegance

Models Nick Ripper and Chloe Johnson with Mini Cooper. Photo: Jose Angulo

Alexandria, VA – The annual Sunday Car Show of the Old Town Festival of Speed and Style, held on May 19th, 2024, celebrated the speed and performance of exotic sports cars while showcasing their elegant design. This year’s style celebrated the 60s, with car models and festival-goers keeping pace with its Austin Powers theme.

Festival goers line the streets watching the car show. Photo: Eliza Nela
Owners of the show cars receive their awards. Photo: Eliza Nela
Head Judge Ralf Bethiez Board Chief Judge and Beth Myllenbeck. Photo: Jose Angulo
Caroline O’Rourke models a 1960 MGA. Photo: Eliza Nela

Tens of thousands of people converged along lower King Street in Old Town Alexandria to stroll among 100 rare and exotic supercars and motorcycles from around the world. Attendees were also treated to a distinctive and stylish fashion show featuring models dressed to match the sophistication of the cars on display. Live music from highly acclaimed jazz and rock bands accentuated the cool vibes in the air.

Rick Myllenbeck in his 1989 328GTSi Ferrari. Any members affiliated with the festival, such as board members, judges, or volunteers, were excluded from the awards. Photo: Rick and Beth Myllenback
Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. Photo: Rick Myllenback
Beth Myllenback and Ralf Bethiez with the Aston Martin DB9. Photo by Josue Angulo.
1960 MGA is driven by the owner, Michael Behrmann, who purchased the car in 1969. The car has followed him through many milestones and special moments throughout his life, including taking his wife on their first date. Photo: Josue Angulo
Models Ahmad Al Dajani and Sophia Moshasha with DB9 Aston Martin. Photo: Josue Angulo

In just a few years, this festival has become the biggest, most popular, and most impactful event in Old Town, setting records for the number of spectators, vehicles on display, and funds raised for local nonprofits, ALIVE! and Community Lodgings, according to event founders, Rick and Beth Myllenbeck.

Models Tom Kuester and Mohra Gavankar modeling the Apollo GT – Yellow Coupe. Photo: Ken Visser
1985 Lamborghini LP5000 QV. Photo: Ken Visser
1919 Rolls Royce 40/50 Alpine Eagle. Its value is estimated beween $150-300k. Photo: Ken Visser
1992 Ferrari F40 purchased in the range of $ 3 million. Photo: Ken Visser
1992 Ferrari F40i, designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, was the last one to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. Photo: Ken Visser

Additionally, the Festival has become one of the premier car events on the East Coast, generating national and international interest. The Festival of Speed and Style website has details on how to register your car, volunteer, or become a sponsor.

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