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T.C. Williams Alum and Singer Songwriter will Record with T.C. Orchestra

Alexandria, Va. — T.C. Williams High School alum singer-songwriter Keira Moran will be recording a live performance with the T.C. Williams Orchestra at Alexandria’s First Night celebration and will be donating the proceeds from sales to ACPS. Moran’s six-song performance with the 22-piece orchestra from T.C. Williams will be recorded for a special set that will […]

What to DO with Demolished Public Housing in Alexandria?

City Administration Opens Public Discussion — First Meeting January 10 In January 2018, the City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) will begin an effort to review and modernize their joint commitment to a policy requiring replacement of public housing and publicly-assisted units that are demolished or redeveloped.

City of Alexandria Encourages Taxpayers to Seek Qualified Tax Advice Based on New IRS Advisory on Local Tax Prepayment

PrePaid Local Real Estate Taxes May NOT Be Deductible  On December 27, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued an advisory stating that prepayment of 2018 local real estate taxes may not be deductible on 2017 federal income tax returns. The advisory follows the City of Alexandria’s December 21 announcement that while the City accepts prepayments, there may be no […]

RSVP Northern Virginia volunteer named Points of Light award recipient

ALEXANDRIA, VA –RSVP Northern Virginia Volunteer Denise (Dee) Mackie-Smith of Alexandria, has been selected as a Daily Point of Light honoree by the Points of Light Foundation. Mackie-Smith has played a major role as a volunteer to help those seeking affordable housing and employment in the City of Alexandria and along the Route 1 Corridor […]

City of Alexandria Will Accept Prepayment of 2018 Real Estate Taxes, Encourages Taxpayers to Seek Advice from Qualified Tax Professionals

There Could Be Advantages Federal tax law changes expected to take effect for the 2018 tax year have prompted questions about the potential benefits of prepaying state and local taxes.  Under current law, payments of state and local taxes may be fully exempt from federal and state income tax.  Under the new legislation, which has […]

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