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December 2012 Z-Hot Sauce of the Month

By Mike Sade

We are on the brink of winter and the temperature outside is falling.  So why not warm the heart and palate by adding some hot sauce to your favorite dishes?
Z-Hot Sauce of the Month--Chili Willy Dec 2012
This month I am recommending Chili Willy. Made in Belize, it is an all-natural hot sauce sharpened by West Indian Red Habanero peppers  The peppers used for this sauce are tree-ripened and hand-picked at the peak of their flavor and hotness to intensify the flavor. This is the first hot sauce I have discovered that uses tree-ripened and hand-picked ingredients. It shows. It is one of the most flavorful hot sauces I have tried.

On the hotness scale (one being Tabasco and five being hot as heck) Chili Willy rates a 2.5.  Depending on how much you use it can add a mild heat or a good burn.  Regardless of how much you use it will add great flavor to any dish.  I added it to a egg and sausage sandwich and it was great.  I also recommend using it in any chicken or meat dish, or even a bloody mary on a cold Sunday morning.  This would be a great addition to a beef stew.

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