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Don’t Fight the Bright

Ginger Rodriguez

After the hoopla of the holidays is over, and the decorations are put away, what are we left with? Coffee with GInger--traditional beddingA house that suddenly feels bare and unwelcoming inside, and grey skies, cold and gloom outside. That’s no good folks!  Plan now for a Pick-me-up Program for your house and have what you need on hand to smoothly transition into an uplifting new look.  With a few well-placed hints, you might get everything you need as holiday gifts!

Color is the key… embrace it, don’t fear it!  No matter what your décor is, there’s always a bright color that can be added for that exuberant pop.  It’s like an instant facelift for the room. 

Like many of my clients, I do often gravitate toward neutrals, and neutrals from top to bottom can be a wonderful thing. Coffee with Ginger--FramedImageGeneratorBut, the dead of winter is not one of those times, and it’s great that a neutral décor can also serve as the “blank canvas” backdrop for whatever accent color perks up your spirit.

Because most of my clients are somewhat reserved, I have to  do some convincing to get them to upholster dining chairs in a  bold green fabric, try a piece of red or pink furniture in their living room, or go for an indigo blue headboard.  But once they see it in context presented in a sketch I prepare, most people really “get it” and are very enthusiastic.

In addition to furniture for color splashes, I also love quirky accessories! I never overdo it, but I also never finish a room without at least one bold statement piece; if it’s a treasure that emphasizes the client’s personality or interests – even better!  You can find amazing deals for these special additions on Etsy, EBay and Overstock, but the most stunning usually come from my “to-the-trade-only” sources.

Color makes us happy and banishes Winter Blahs.  Give it a try. Don’t Fight the Bright!  Call me for back-up if you get… cold feet!

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