Animal Heroes

Animal Heroes: October 2015

Second Chanz

Rita, a Veterinary Assistant at VCA Old Town Animal Hospital, wanted a dog for a very long time and her busy life kept forcing that want to the back burner until one day a Good Samaritan brought a stray dog into the hospital.  It was love a first sight for Rita and Chanz.  Chanz had to go to the Welfare League for 7 day hold in case his owners claimed him.  Rita called every day to check on him and at the end of his 7th day, brought him home with her.

Within the first week of being home, Rita noticed that Chanz had a slight limp.  She brought him in to work with her to have one of the VCA Old Town doctors take a look.  It was discovered that Chanz has a bone disease that was affecting his hip and he need surgery right away.  Dr. Lewis performed a FHO (femoral head ostectomy) and used a therapeutic laser on the area to help post-operative healing.  Today, Chanz is feeling great, running and playing like the best of them, and loves his new home and his forever family.

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