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What Size Do I Make My Photo for Different Social Media Accounts, and How Do I Do It?

By Mary Wadland

You have a photo. You have a caption. You just want to post it, but you get an error message telling you it is the wrong size and won’t upload. Okay, but how do you know what size is correct, and how do you resize it yourself?

This happens to me all the time, and I found and bookmarked a site last year that showed all the sizes. I frequently referred to it over and over again.

I am no social media wiz, but like most small business owners, I find I have to constantly keep educating myself on a piecemeal basis, so when I was notified of the updated sizing chart I thought it was my civic duty to share it with my friends and colleagues.

Here are the links to the various sizes considered optimal for each social media venue:

Need help resizing? I use this one all the time because it allows me to tell it for which social media channel, like Twitter or Instagram, I want my image sized:

And while we are at it, I know if you are like me you find yourself with a pdf and need to convert it to a jpg because that is what the error message tells you, and you don’t want to buy expensive software or take a lot of time to learn that trick either. So here’s another free website I found to convert things from jpgs to pdfs, or pdfs to jpgs that is pretty self-explanatory.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your social media posting in 2019!

Mary Wadland

Mary Wadland is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Zebra Press, founded by her in 2010. Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Mary is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and has lived and worked in the Alexandria publishing community since 1987.

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