Z-Pick of the Month

Z Pick of the Month: Trick or Treating on S. Lee Street

A previous Halloween on Lee St. in Old Town, Alexandria. (Photo by James Cullum)

ALEXANDRIA,VA- Are you into unforgettable experiences? We thought so. You’ll absolutely love celebrating Halloween on S. Lee Street in Old Town. The street is usually blocked off at King St. and Lee, and the annual tradition has grown to epic proportions, with thousands of kids and their parents dressed in so many cool costumes it’ll make your head spin! You’ll be glad that you arrived in a costume yourself, and brought along everyone in the family to get exactly what you deserve – awesome candy from Old Town residents, who have decked out their homes and the entire street to make an annual scene that looks like something from a Hallmark movie.

The festivities usually start before sundown. The Zebra will definitely be there. Will you?

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