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Tuscarora Mill Restaurant Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary

Tuscarora Mill Restaurant
Tuscarora Mill Restaurant started life as a grain mill in 1899 but has now been a celebrated landmark for local diners for 35 years. (Courtesy photo)

LEESBURG, VA – Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, affectionately known to loyal patrons as ‘Tuskie’s’, celebrated its 35th anniversary on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

The factory wheels and cables of the original grain mill have charmed Tuscarora Mill diners for 35 years. (Courtesy photo)

Tuskie’s began as an active grain mill in 1899. 86 years later, the mill was moved, rebuilt, and restored, where the beautiful historic building, now a Leesburg landmark, became the home of Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, in 1985.

Reflecting on his success, long-time Leesburg restaurateur and local business leader, Kevin Malone said of his Tuscarora Mill Restaurant’s notable anniversary, “It has been a marvelous 35 years with Tuskie’s family and friends, where we have had the honor and opportunity to have very fond memories of collectively celebrating so many cherished moments together. Thank you, all! See you in the new year!”

Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, a member of the Tuskie’s Restaurant Group, is located at 203 Harrison Street, Leesburg, VA 20175.

The Tuskie’s Restaurant Group includes Tuscarora Mill, Magnolias at the Mill, South Street Under, Fire Works Leesburg, Fire Works Arlington, Fire Works Cascades, and the Birkby House.

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