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New Art Gallery Opens in Old Town

Visit the Galactic Panther gallery on August 6 from 6pm-1pm for live music and free entry. (Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–New art gallery Galactic Panther, opens this Friday, August 6, in Old Town. At 1303 King St. from 6pm-10pm, enjoy live music, food and drinks, and free entry into the fresh exhibit “ESP—Extrasensory Perception.”

Galactic Panther was started by artist Eli Pollard and ESP Tea and Coffee owner Erik Muendel. (Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.)

The gallery was started by Eli Pollard, an internationally exhibited artist, and Erik Muendel, owner of ESP Tea and Coffee.

Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.

“Our first exhibit entitled ‘ESP’ reflects the Galactic Panther, which is focused on contemporary art that doesn’t limit itself by genre, media, borders, or states of mind,” explains Eli. “Although science took a while to prove the existence of ESP, artists have been employing this extra sense in their creative endeavors all along.” And this exhibit expresses that to a tee.

Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.

Eli and Erik are longtime friends, and Erik has accumulated quite the collection of Eli’s stellar work, much of which can be seen at ESP Tea and Coffee, 1012 King St. in Old Town.

Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.

“I can’t wait for Old Town to experience Galactic Panther and this exhibit,” says Erik. “It’s the perfect addition to an already thriving arts community.”

Photo courtesy of Erik Muendel.

With its mission of striving to “represent the underrepresented alongside more established artists, such as Picasso and Carl Holty,” Galactic Panther will complement the eclectic vibe Old Town has come to acquire over the years, combining the historical with the new, famed with the funky.

A portion of each sale from Galactic Panther will go to charities that feed people in need of assistance.

For more information, visit the Galactic Panther Gallery online or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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