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Local Bar Reserves Seats for 13 Soldiers Lost in Afghanistan

Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub reserves fills thirteen glasses and reserves thirteen seats to honor those recently lost overseas. (Photo courtesy of Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub social media)

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Last night, Friday, August 27, Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub on King Street reserved a table and set 13 places in honor of the 13 soldiers lost in Afghanistan earlier this week.

“This table is reserved tonight for the 13 Heroes we lost yesterday in Afghanistan. May their sacrifice never be forgotten,” read Murphy’s post on Facebook.

As we head into the twentieth anniversary of the attack on September 11, 2001, this overseas catastrophe hits too close to home.

“Murphy’s has a really long history of supporting military, first responders, and police officers, they are a big part of our community,” says Murphy’s Bar Manager Kate. “Some of our most loyal and long-time customers have been military members, and it is always important to save space for people, but especially when experiencing something as traumatic as a large loss of life. We have so many people that have been part of our family that are no longer stationed here, so it is important that we let them know we are still thinking of them.”

To ensure these young men and women with dreams, goals, and aspirations of starting careers, growing families, and making a difference, will never be forgotten, Murphy’s, Alexandria, and all of America now raise their glasses, to salute these brave patriots and their families.

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