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City Clerk of Circuit Court Presents First-Ever Award Named for One of Its Own

1st Annual Edward Semonian Award for Excellence in Public Service


From left: Greg Parks, Jampa Sharchok, Edward Semonian. (Photo courtesy Greg Parks)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–“This past week I was pleased to present the first annual Edward Semonian Award for Excellence in Public Service to Mr. Jampa Sharchok, a Senior Deputy Clerk in my office,” states Greg Parks, Alexndria’s Clerk of Circuit Court.

Present for the ceremony was the award’s namesake Edward Semonian, Alexandria’s Clerk of Circuit Court 1980 to 2020, along with his wife Lorrie Fox Semonian.

“Ed Semonian was, and is, a true public servant in every sense, bringing integrity, hard work, innovation and compassion to the job for 40 years,” explains Parks. “I created the award to recognize the individual Deputy Clerk or team who best exemplifies superb and sustained excellence in public service in the Clerk’s Office.”

The first ever winner of the Ed Semonian Award, Jampa Sharchok, has served Alexandria for over 20 years as Deputy and Senior Deputy Clerk of Court. “Jampa demonstrates exactly what a public servant should be,” says Parks.

He continues to describe Sharchok as dedicated, humble, and knowledgable. “He is consistently someone whom everyone can count on, whether a member of the public needing service from the Clerk’s office, a colleague needing help with a particularly complicated or difficult issue, or a manager who needs someone to lead a new initiative.”

This award is the perfect homage to an excellent public servant, and Jampa Sharchok is the perfect first recipient to continue that legacy.

The first ever Edward Semonian Award for Excellence in Public Service. (Photo courtesy of Greg Parks)

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