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Last Day to See Artists Who Rock at King Street Art Gallery

Galactic Panther Art Gallery, 1303 King St. (Photo courtesy of Eli Pollard)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–The King Street art gallery Galactic Panther, in coordination with ESP Tea & Coffee, will hold a closing reception for its most recent exhibit MARK MOTHERSBAUGH & Artists Who Rock on Sunday, Dec. 12.

Mark Mothersbaugh, featured artist at Galactic Panther. (Photo courtesy of Eli Pollard)

Mothersbaugh is a Conceptualist, using his ideas and inspirations to drive his designs. His mediums range from  rubber stamps to oil paintings to ceramic sculptures to video to the occasional hotel wall art “corrections.” When touring with his band #DEVO, Mothersbaugh would often spruce up the relatively blasé paintings that occupies the walls of his hotel rooms, leaving little bits of his experimental musings wherever he stayed.

On the last day of the Mothersbaugh exhibit at Galactic Panther, viewers will find pieces from “around the corner and around the world,” according to Gallery owner and artist Eli Pollard, drenched in eclectic color and charisma.

The reception will be held on Dec. 12 from 2-5:30pm at 1303 King St, and will also host live music from musician and artist Francisco Amaya, whose art pieces will also be featured amongst the gallery’s highlights. Other artists in the gallery include Mark Mothersbaugh, of course, Lael Neale, Arringtown de Dionyso, Kate Parnell, SAM GAS CAN, Derrick Buisch, Zen Xaria, John Adam Fahey, Eddie Harris, Craig Philip, and many others.

The reception is free and open to the public and will be catered by local establishments. It is the perfect opportunity to shop local for that perfect gift for the art lover in your life.

As one exhibit closes, another opens. The next exhibit at Galactic Panther will be group show NEW HUE. An opening reception will be held Dec. 17 from 6-10pm.

The Gallery is open Thursday 12-5pm, and Friday – Sunday 12-6pm; it is also open by appointment.

Join us on King Street Sunday for amazing art, artists, and opportunities for holiday shopping (for someone else or yourself)!

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