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Colonial American Family LIVE on the Streets of Old Town

All Dressed Up for Thanksgiving Celebration

Laura Scheele, Cecelia Scheele, Gabriel Scheele, Robbie Scheele, Randall Vonderharr, Elena Scheele, Wendy Marencik, Leah Vonderharr, and Aaron Vonderharr dressed in colonial garb pose at S. Fairfax and King St./Photo by Laura Plaia

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Thanksgiving arrived early on the streets of Old Town for a local and not-so-local family dressed in colonial costumes this past Saturday. 

“It was a fun way for us to celebrate an early thanksgiving as a family with half of us living in the DC area and the other half in Indianapolis. Our inspiration came from our stay at the Duvall house near Cameron and Fairfax,” explains Robbie Scheele. “We counted 143 George Washington pictures in the house!” 

Duvall House is a historic landmark in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, and is available for short term rental on Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO. It apparently made quite the impression on Scheele and his family.

Many onlookers stopped the family to ask for a quick photo as they strolled up and down the streets. Their presence caused many to smile and marvel at the sight of the family, leaving some to wonder if they had slipped back in time to colonial America. 

“Such a fun time, and we are in love with Old Town Alexandria,” Scheele concluded. 

The Scheele, Marencik, and Vonderharr families ham it up while celebrating Thanksgiving early/photo by Robbie Scheele
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