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PHOTOS: Abundance of History, Views and Fun at Jones Point Park Under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria

From Bridal Parties and Skateboarders to Dog Walking and Photography

Alexandria, Virginia—On any given day under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Jones Point Park, it’s hard to keep up with the abundance of different activities taking place. This is especially true on a sunny day.

black dog luing in grassy fiels
Dexter is taking a break during his daily trip to Jones Point. (photo by Julie Gardner)

The scenic trails and pathways offer a perfect setting for exercisers, dog walkers, bike riders, photographers, basketball players, fishermen, skateboarders, pickleball players, rollerbladers, and even fencing. The list of activities being enjoyed by the locals and tourists in Old Town and the surrounding DC area is a long one.

man looking at Potomac River
Serene golden hour view of the Potomac River (Photo by Julie Gardner)

Jones Point Park is considered to be a hidden gem among many local Alexandrians. It is quite literally hidden by the surrounding Potomac River and Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The amazing views and serenity keep park goers coming back frequently as a place to relax and enjoy family or take a leisurely stroll.

Potomac River
On a clear day, the Capitol Building can be seen. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

History buffs appreciate this important piece of Alexandria’s past. It was one of the nation’s largest centers for shipping, manufacturing, and transportation dating back to 1855. There is evidence of the historical shipyard all throughout the park including the last remaining riverine lighthouse in Virginia.

World War I-Era Rudder, evidence of shipyard at Jones Point Park (Photo by Julie Gardner)

The gravel trails running through and surrounding the park are considered a part of the Mount Vernon trail. Trail Walkers get history lessons at various markers along the way. These markers highlight the area’s freshwater habitat, its use by American Indians, and its role in shipbuilding and navigation.

underneath Woodrow Wilson Bridge.
Under the Woodrow Wilson bridge. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

The area of the park under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge offers park-goers protection from the elements and planned events to go unscathed by looming rainstorms and scorching sun rays. This has allowed for countless family barbecues, reunions, and birthdays.

Local young artists love to display their chalk masterpieces under the bridge. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

It wouldn’t be unusual to see an entire bridal party dressed in their most festive attire gathered together to be professionally photographed. Weekends are especially popular for family portraits. The historic lighthouses are often seen as the backdrop. Another popular area for photos is the tree lined pathway that was once a working railroad track, according to the history of Jones Point Park

English Bull Dog Louie explores the historic lighthouse. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

The park has a reputation as a great viewing spot for friends and family to gather and watch fireworks and even air shows. Planes taking off and returning from Ronald Reagan Airport can be seen one after another flying directly above and over the bridge, adding to the excitement of any adventure. 

To limit crowds and prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year’s fireworks display has been repositioned to be visible from multiple vantage points along the Potomac River waterfront from Canal Center Plaza to Jones Point Park. (Photo: licensed to The Zebra Press)
Fireworks visible from multiple vantage points along the Potomac River waterfront from Canal Center Plaza to Jones Point Park. (Photo: licensed to The Zebra Press)

During the Covid lockdowns and soon after, as life was gradually getting back to normal, school physical education classes were held under the bridge. This allowed the students to stand 6 feet apart and still enjoy the benefits of the daily exercises and games. Many Yoga studios and fitness centers often took advantage of the valuable space and were able to keep their classes going during lockdown.

man with dog is grassy field
Waiting for his worn-out pooch Dexter to retrieve the frisbee. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

Neighbors living in the area consider themselves lucky to have Jones Point Park as a backyard. Brent Jeffries has been a resident at Bridgeyard Apartments, 1204 South Washington Street, for the past four years. “The biggest reason I moved to this location is because of this park. I was scoping out the area and just happened to walk right through it.” said Jeffries. “Having this place as a backyard was especially great during lockdown. We were here every day getting fresh air and exercise.”

bike riders and lady walking
Bikers and walkers regularly on the trail. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

The center of the park is considered one giant park for the dog lover population and their canine sidekicks. Dogs can be seen fetching sticks, tennis balls, frisbees, and any sort of item as they play solo with their owners or congregate with other pups in a game of chase and sniff. 

pup in grassy field
Pup eagerly waiting for a tennis ball to be thrown her way. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

The wide-open space hasn’t completely gone to the dogs. On Sunday afternoons a group of medieval battle role players reenact combat complete with foam swords and authentic costumes. Team sports and organized tournaments are a common site due to the large grassy field. 

Beautiful sunny day on the trails. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

Between the covered area under the Woodrow Wilson bridge and the vast open area in the historic Jones Point Park, there is no doubt any park goer will find something to enjoy.

man holding up skateboard under the bridge
This skateboarder joined by bikers and rollerbladers enjoyed a day at the park. (Photo by Julie gardner)

The National Park Service oversees activities at Jones Point Park. According to Supervisor Karl McDonald the park is secured 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. For a complete list of rules and regulations visit

snowy fiels
Amazing sight to see after a snowstorm in January 2022. (Photo by Julie Gardner)
man enjoying view of Potomac River
This park visitor enjoys the solace and scenery on the waterfront at Jones Point Park. (Photo by Julie Gardner)

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