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The “Who’s Who in Nonprofit World” Joined Forces for Spring2ACTtion’s Kickoff in Alexandria 

"The goal this year is to reach 10,000 donors and raise 2.5 million dollars. 190 Alexandria organizations are participating this year," says Brandi Yee.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Get ready, get set, GO! The city of Alexandria is gearing up for its big annual giving day next week. Spring2ACTion is one single day in April when the citizens of Alexandria open up their hearts and pocketbooks to help raise money for the city’s many non-profit and charitable organizations. That day is Wednesday April 26, 2023. However, contributors got a sneak peek on April 12 when early giving got under way. 

Two ladies in pink dresses.
The Spring2Action kickoff event this year was sponsored by The Patterson Group–shown above is from left to right daughter Brittany and mom Phyllis Patterson. (Photo: Tricia Ritchie/Act for Alexandria)

This past Wednesday April 19, Spring2Action along with The Patterson Group hosted a kick-off reception at ALX Community Waterfronton Union Street across from the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. The Happy Hour with a Purpose featured a veritable who’s who in the non-profit world along with a mix of corporate sponsors and city businesses. Guests nibbled on cheese and fruit delights from attractive charcuterie boards and spilled out onto the patio to drink in the view of the river on a perfect windless spring evening. 

Heather Peeler, President and Chief Executive Officer, ACT for Alexandria. (Photo: Judith Fogel)

This is Spring2ACTion’s 13th year. Brandi Yee, Chief Program Officer of ACT for Alexandria opened up the formal part of the program.  “Over the past 12 years, you have raised over 19 million dollars for nearly 200 organizations in Alexandria,” she announced to the cheering crowd. “I always like to think back to the first Spring2Action 13 years ago. We had 47 non-profits, we raised 100,000 and we thought that was a big deal.” Yee boasted, “last year we raised 2.65 million dollars for 172 organizations with 7700 donors!” 

Yee told the assembled guests that the goal this year is to reach 10,000 donors and raise 2.5 million dollars. 190 Alexandria organizations are participating this year. “When you get home, DONATE!,” Yee urged the crowd. 

left to right: Morgan Babcock of Carlyle Council; Vice Mayor Amy Jackson; Heather Peeler, CEO and president, ACT for Alexandria; Lisa Cohen. (Photo: Lucelle O’Flaherty)

“This town is my home, declared Brittany Patterson, Senior Vice President of The Patterson Group. “I am passionate about a lot in life but I am really passionate about this town. And this town is incredible! I only know of a few other towns that have Spring2Action.” 

Older black lady with caricature drawing in her hand.
Alexandria Living Legend Lillian Patterson had a caricature drawn at the 2023 Spring2Action kickoff event. (Photo: Lucelle O’Flaherty)

The speeches ended with a toast.  “It is just amazing to see everyone here, coming together to do so much to make Alexandria a very special place,” intoned Heather Peeler, CEO & President of ACT for Alexandria, which hosts the annual fundraiser. Peeler raised her glass and asked the partyers to join her. “Raise a glass or a piece of pita bread,” she concluded. 

To learn more about the work of Spring2Action and to donate, please click here. 

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