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Alexandria Library Giving Away Free Gun Locks in June 2023

Locked disarmed and secured automatic gun on white background
Cable gun lock. (Photo By Atlantist studio/Adobe STock)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Alexandria Library has joined the City of Alexandria’s gun lock distribution program to provide no-cost firearm cable and trigger locks to the public beginning June 1, 2023. These efforts are part of National Safety Month and a state-wide suicide prevention campaign that began in 2019.

Studies show that when firearms are accessible, individuals are three times more likely to die by suicide, and most people who die by suicide use firearms, poisons or medications. Suicide and accidents can be prevented by limiting access to lethal means and talking with those who may want to end their lives. The best strategy for protecting a person at risk is to remove lethal means from the home until a mental health crisis is resolved.

The locks are available throughout June upon request at the following Library locations:

  • Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library – 5005 Duke Street
  • Kate Waller Barrett Branch Library – 717 Queen Street
  • Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch Library – 4701 Seminary Road
  • James M. Duncan, Jr. Branch Library – 2501 Commonwealth Avenue

The locking devices are an initiative of Lock and Talk Virginia, a suicide prevention program that aims to limit access to lethal means and raise awareness about suicide prevention, locally coordinated by the Suicide Prevention Alliance of Northern (SPAN) Virginia.

Anyone at risk of suicide, or who knows someone at risk, should get help right away. Treatment works and people recover. Call PRS CrisisLink at 703.527.4077, text “CONNECT” to 85511 or call Alexandria Emergency Services at 703.746.3401. For life-threatening situations, call 911.

For more information on the City’s gun lock program and other suicide prevention efforts, visit

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