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Catholic Charities Unveils New Statue at National Headquarters in Alexandria

Hold It Together gleams in the sun, in front of Catholic Charities USA. (Photo: Evan Kelmar for The Zebra Press)

ALEXANDRIA, VA -On Wednesday, Aug. 9, a new statue was unveiled in front of Catholic Charities USA, located just off Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria. Made of bronze, the statue titled “Hold it Together” is a touching tribute to all the work that Catholic Charities USA does for local communities throughout the nation. The statue depicts Jesus embracing a homeless man, “a warm reminder of the importance of giving to those burdened by life,” said Bishop Burbidge, who serves the Diocese of Arlington.

The statue was created by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, a renowned Catholic sculptor, whose pieces, both religious and otherwise, have found homes all over the world. His most prominent work, “Angels Unawares,” sits in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican; it is the first new piece of art that has been added to the square in four centuries. A team from Catholic Charities saw “Angels Unawares” on a trip to Rome and, being inspired by its beauty and its deeply moving message, decided to reach out to the artist to invite him to their annual gathering. There, Timothy Schmalz presented a lump of clay which over the course of the three-day conference he molded into what would later become “Hold it Together.”

Bishop Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington blesses the statue. Sister Donna, President and CEO of Catholic Charities USA, stands on the right (Photo: Evan Kelmar for The Zebra Press)

During the blessing and dedication, Sister Donna, President and CEO of Catholic Charities USA, says the work is, “more than a piece of art, but also a reminder that there are so many people who are burdened and need our help.” For those inspired to action, Sister Donna encourages anyone who wishes, regardless of creed, to come and volunteer at one of the many direct-service programs that Catholic Charity runs. For more information about how to help, visit [SEE ALSO: Goodwin Living Offering Paid Internships to Students]

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