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Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato Reopens in Alexandria

A car crash won't stop them from serving gelato

Alexandria, VA – Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato, 111 S Payne St., is open after a car went through the front of the shop at the end of May. The is still renovating its interior but their comfortable patio is open for you to enjoy your Argentinian style gelatos and sorbets.

Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada is serving their Argentine gelato on the patio! (courtesy photo)

Argentine gelato is softer and creamier than American ice cream. It differs from Italian gelato as gelato is typically made with whole milk and eggs and not whipped with air while helado (gelato) is made with eggs and whipped, with a density like gelato’s but doesn’t drip like ice cream. Help your pupper cool off with a serving of Hungry Henry’s Dog Gelato too.

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