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December’s Guess This Old Town Spot

Alexandria, VA -The November issue of The Zebra featured a picture of an alley and surrounding houses on the 100 block of Prince Street, Captain’s Row. Local lore tells an interesting story centered around the alley that has been circulating at least since the 1940s and presumably for much longer. It involves a Confederate sympathizer whom Union soldiers sought during their occupation of Alexandria. At one point, the fugitive was cornered in a second-story bedroom of an adjacent home and shot by Yankee soldiers. The man fell to his death through a window into the alley. It’s said that the man owned a black dog, often seen sitting at the foot of the alley, waiting for his master to return. Hence, the alley is known as Black Dog Alley. “Now you know the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say.

Have you noticed this around town? Where is it? What do you know about it?

To see more quirky photos and close-up angles of secret and not-so-secret spots in Old Town, Alexandria, jump in with guesses and comments, follow the discussion, and submit your own photos for consideration, join the Unseen Old Town Facebook group!

As for the photo above, we will reveal what and where it is in our next issue, along with a new one for you to ponder.

ICYMI: November’s Guess This Old Town Spot


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