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What Bugs Me by Debby Critchley

I am tired of the self-centered and selfish people. Are you really going to get someplace sooner if you don’t let me merge into traffic? Must you speed up to get ahead of me on the off-ramp only to slam on your brakes while I’m trying to speed up to merge onto the highway. Would […]

What Bugs Me by Debby Critchley

You’re on the road. If you are being passed on the right, move over. If there’s a line of cars behind you, move over. If there’s no other cars to your right, move over. When you drive slower than the traffic to your right, you cause others to speed around you. That’s dangerous. Don’t blame […]

What Bugs Me: October 2015

by Debby Critchley Tell me, did you get to your destination that much sooner by not stopping at the red light before you turned right?  Did you happen to notice I was almost on top of you and that I had the right of way because of the green light? Did you hear my brakes […]

What Bugs Me: September 2015

by Debby Critchley Ok bicyclists, it’s your turn. Have you ever read the laws governing bike riding in Alexandria? Anywhere? You need to be riding WITH traffic, not against it. You cannot ride on the sidewalk. You need to signal your turns. Pedestrians do have the right of way, not you. You MUST stop (and […]

What Bugs Me April 2015

by Debby Critchley I can’t begin to tell you how many restaurants I have been at where my server comes to the table and asks: Are you still working on that? I am assuming the server is referring to whether I have finished eating my meal. When I sit down for a meal, I may […]

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