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What Bugs Me: October 2015

by Debby Critchley

Tell me, did you get to your destination that much sooner by not stopping at the red light before you turned right?  Did you happen to notice I was almost on top of you and that I had the right of way because of the green light? Did you hear my brakes squeal as I slammed my foot down as hard as I could to not hit you?  The law is very clear. You may make a right turn AFTER you come to a COMPLETE stop and then, ONLY if there are no oncoming autos or pedestrian traffic. Stop means stop. No other traffic or pedestrians means just that. So please, I don’t want to ruin my day or yours, obey the rules, stop and then go, only if you can do so safely.

If you have an issue that bugs you, contact me via [email protected].

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