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August 2013 Z-Hot Sauce of the Month

Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce!!!

Frank & Teressa Bellissimo's Anchor  Bar Original Wing Sauce that started the whole craze.
Frank & Teressa Bellissimo’s Anchor Bar Original Wing Sauce that started the whole craze.

It’s August and football season has started.  Yes it is only training camp and pre-season, but get ready for the real action to begin and start preparing for those Sunday football parties.  You can’t have a football shindig without having friends over and serving chicken wings.

So why not serve the original—a tradition started invented by Teressa Bellissimo in 1964 that spread across the nation like wildfire? Although many have tried to duplicate authentic buffalo wings, what makes Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar wings the proclaimed “Best Wings in the World” is a simple sauce made with cayenne pepper sauce, garlic and vinegar.

A testament to the sauce’s originality and taste, the Anchor Bar received the 2003 gold medal “Quality International Award” and “Best of the Best” for its sauces out of more than 100 entrants. The judges were from the American Culinary and Tasting Institute.  The Bellissimos offer the sauce in mild, hotter and suicidal.  Take your pick based on the company you keep and the tolerance of their palates.  The suicidal heat is incredible (a four on my heat sauce scale – tabasco being a one).Oh, and you can even buy the sauces by the gallon on their website (http://www.anchorbar.com).

The “hotter” sauce should appeal to most guests at your party, however if you have the daring few, try some of the “suicidal”.  By the way, this sauce is awesome for those still grilling this summer.  Try it on chicken breast, burgers and in honor of National Bratwurst Day on August 16, add it to your brat.

Contributed by Mike Sade


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