Z-Pick of the Month

December 2013 Z-Pick of the Month: For Hot Women Only!

By Mary Wadland

I am not one to complain, nor look unkindly at the reality of age that has crept up to my front door and curled itself into a ball like a homeless cat looking for food. But it’s happened one time too many that I have been sitting or standing perfectly still and suddenly I feel as if my entire body is on fire. I perspire so much that I look as if I’ve survived a torrential downpour although the sun is shining. My internal thermometer is completely gone, and not even Cropp-Metcalfe could put me back together again. So, as fate would have it, I received a product sample in the mail for Exert Smart Body Coolant® and gave it a try. It’s a spray intended to help regulate skin temperature, whether it’s due to menopause, hot flashes, stress, medications, anxiety, excessive sweating or physical exertion, and it really works! Exert should be applied when your body is at its normal temperature, and will activate when a spike occurs, cooling the skin by two to six degrees. A can lasts four to six weeks and costs $30. Totally worth it! Available at exertco.com.

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