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Z Book of the Month March 2015

As Way Opens: The Story of Thorncroft by Ellie Scneidman

Thorncroft is a special place, and Alexandria resident, Ellie Schneidman discovered that in the summer of 2012 when she arrived at the therapeutic riding center in Malvern, Pennsylvania as a social media intern. The magic took hold of Ellie and it was not long before she returned in the fall of 2013, fully dedicated and committed to learning and knowing all she could about the amazing atmosphere of the farm’s horses and their gentle abilities to heal and liberate.

Thorncroft has been serving riders with and without disabilities since 1969. Founded by the current Director Saunders Dixon, the program now serves over 300 students a week on 70 acres of open space.

For neighbors, friends and families the history of the farm always ran long and deep. In 2011, the administrative team and the Board of Directors voted that it was time the place was memorialized in words and pictures, and fortunately for all, Ellie’s arrival in 2012 provided the energizing necessary ingredient to get the story on paper. Ellie dug deep during the nine months she lived on the farm and the result is a breathtaking, graceful study of the history and uber value of therapeutic riding.

A talented photographer and writer, Schneidman brings to life the 45 years of history via her perceptive camera lens and engaging prose. Healing abounds at Thorncroft…discover it yourself in Schneidman’s book, As Way Opens, and vicariously experience the joy of a student as he or she “walks” down a narrow country trail atop a noble equine, which can take people places no wheelchair ever can.

As Way Opens is available at thorncroft.org and amazon.com.

–Mary Wadland

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