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New Leaders Appointed in City Schools

Superintendent Alvin L. Crawley has appointed 12 new assistant principals, four academic principals and two deans to help lead Alexandria City Public Schools for the 2015-16 school year. “I’m very pleased with our new leaders, all of whom bring strong instructional experience and a demonstrated commitment to seeing every student succeed,” Crawley said. Following are the new appointments:

Victor Powell was appointed assistant principal of Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School. He was most recently an assistant principal at Park View High School in Sterling, Va.

Jasibi Crews-West, previously a dual language teacher at Mount Vernon Community School, was appointed assistant principal of John Adams Elementary School.

William Ramsay Elementary School will have two new assistant principals: Pamela Buckley, previously a special education literacy specialist for ACPS, and Mariela Garcia-Maria, formerly a fifth-grade teacher at Ramsay.

Penny Hairston was appointed assistant principal of James K. Polk Elementary School. She was previously an administrative intern at Polk.

was appointed the assistant principal of Matthew Maury Elementary School. She was previously an English Language Learners specialist and department chair at John Adams Elementary School.

Stefanie Itzkowitz was appointed assistant principal of Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, where she was an administrative intern.

Patrick Henry Elementary School will have two new assistant principals: Andaiye Cammon, who was an administrative intern at the school, and Eric Sokolove, who was previously a lead teacher at Carlin Springs Elementary School in Arlington, Va.

Jefferson-Houston School will have a new assistant principal, Kelly Davis, who was previously the dean of students at T.C. Williams High School. In addition, Sara Sims, formerly a special education teacher at Oakland Elementary School in Suffolk, Va., was appointed academic principal.

Shari Peters was named academic principal of George Washington Middle School. She was previously the math department co-chairperson and a sixth-grade team leader at the school.

Francis C. Hammond Middle School has two new deans: Michael Diggins, who was previously a dean at T.C. Williams High School, and Derick Richard, who was previously an interim dean at the school.

Three newly appointed administrators will be at the Minnie Howard campus of T.C. Williams High School. Kennetra Wood was promoted from assistant principal to lead academic principal, Mark Eisenhour will return as assistant principal and Patricia Williamson, formerly the academic principal of Jefferson-Houston, will be assistant principal.

Joe Cappadonia was appointed academic principal of Chance for Change Academy. He previously served as the assistant principal of T.C. Williams High School, Minnie Howard campus.

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