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Meggrolls Closes After Five-Year Run on Fayette Street But Owner Hints It’s Not Goodbye

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Meg Baroody taped a piece of paper on the glass of her shop that announces the run on her beloved “meggrolls” is over on Fayette Street in Old Town, stating “It’s been the greatest pleasure sharing Meggrolls with you these past 5 years,” adding hints it will not be the last we see of her.

A member of the Alexandria Dining Facebook group posted this photo taped on her storefront window of Meggrolls at 107 N. Fayette Street in Alexandria, VA.

A native Alexandrian, Baroody, who invented the tasty eggrolls filled with familiar flavors like Big Macs and Buffalo Chicken and S’mores, has poured her heart and soul into the business, first with a food truck and then on to brick and mortar.

When she was getting started with the concept, she spent two years to develop up to 30 new flavors and a menu while working shifts at Chadwicks and Ramparts in Alexandria, Baroody worked at home  “It was just a fun experiment in my kitchen, a creative concept,” she says. “At least once, maybe twice a week, I’d come up with new recipes, bring them up to work late, like 12:30 at night, and hand them out to people just to see what they thought of them.

“But from the moment I had this idea, I would speak about it very confidently, I would say this is the next big thing…even though, my knees were shaking. I kept speaking about it largely, so it would stick in people’s heads.”

Meggrolls has fans from all over the world now, and as Meg promises, “I have a funny feeling this is not goodbye forever.”

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Mary Wadland

Mary Wadland is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Zebra Press, founded by her in 2010. Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Mary is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and has lived and worked in the Alexandria publishing community since 1987.

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