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VRE Allows Passengers To Bring Bikes Onboard Trains Permanently

Photo courtesy Virginia Railway Express

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Operations Board has made permanent a policy to allow full-size bicycles on every VRE railcar each weekday. It was first implemented during the pandemic.

“Trains and bicycles are a winning combination. They couple the efficiencies of longer-distance rail travel and shorter-distance bike connections between VRE stations and a passenger’s ultimate destination,” said Operations Board Chair Margaret Franklin. “These complementary modes are among the most convenient and environmentally friendly ways to commute.”

Alexandria riders, who choose to use VRE during WMATA’s shutdown of the Blue and Yellow Lines, will find the new policy especially beneficial.

“This is the first of several enhancements VRE will undertake to make our rail service more accessible and welcoming to the cycling community,” said VRE CEO Rich Dalton. “We are installing additional bike racks at our stations and exploring the installation of secure bike lockers at all stations, in partnership with our local jurisdictions.”

VRE’s bicycle policy has several requirements to protect the safety of passengers and crew. Cyclists must tether their bike to a railcar’s south end bench seats with a bungee cord and may not ride the bicycle on platforms or trains.

The Operations Board voted April 22 to amend the VRE Passenger Tariff to reflect what has been current practice for over a year.

The 13th largest commuter rail service in the U.S., VRE is a transportation partnership of the Northern Virginia and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commissions. The 4.5 million rides the railroad provided annually prior to the pandemic removed some 100 million vehicle miles from Northern Virginia’s interstates.

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