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City of Alexandria Solicits Feedback for Naming of Facility at 4850 Mark Center Drive

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ALEXANDRIA, VA –The City of Alexandria is soliciting feedback on the name of the new joint facility at 4850 Mark Center Drive in the West End of Alexandria. On December 14, 2021, City Council unanimously voted to name the facility after Councilwoman Redella S. “Del” Pepper, who retired after serving on City Council since 1985. Councilwoman Pepper was a long-time champion of the city’s West End, and an advocate for older adults and youth employment.

Alexandria City Council Will Consider Purchase of Mark Center Building

The facility will include services offered by the Department of Community and Human Services, Alexandria Health Department and Neighborhood Health; and a West End Service Center that will include a permit center, Finance Department transaction functions and limited Clerk of Court services. This unified setting aims to ensure increased access, equity, collaboration, privacy and safety for all residents who use the facility. It is expected that the facility will serve as a community hub, offering opportunities for residents to access resources, providing space to convene meetings and events, and promoting the health and well-being of all Alexandrians. With these concepts in mind, the following names are proposed for the full name of the facility located at 4850 Mark Center Drive:

The Redella S. Del Pepper Community Resource Center
The Redella S. Del Pepper Resource Center

The public is invited to participate in an online survey through May 6 to provide feedback on the proposed name or offer an alternative. Visit for more information.

Dedicated to Improving Alexandria Community, Del Pepper Retires After 36 Years on City Council

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