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Restaurant Week Redux

Restaurant Week Redux

Alexandria, VA – Speaking of more sunny days, I hope you all had a chance to visit a restaurant during Restaurant Week. The concept of RW is to give diners an opportunity to try their food, many for the first time. The hope is that you enjoy your meal and come back again. But, there are many reviews in our Facebook Alexandria Curbside, Inside, and More saying that the offerings did not reflect the actual menus. I view the spirit of RW the same way many of our readers do, as an opportunity for restaurants to highlight their cooking and style. Many diners wonder if they are really getting the value they are expecting with the special pricing. Many participants did offer a variety of items from the menus, giving us the ability to taste what they offer. I pick restaurants on the basis of their RW menu, comparing them to the regular menu. I can judge for myself whether the RW menu offers both a good way to get familiar with their cooking and their pricing. I am not going to make excuses for the restaurants. Some may be trying out new items to judge their popularity to put on the menu. Others may not understand the concept of RW. Some may be trying to save money in the current economy. I will go out on a limb and ask restaurants to listen to their potential customers, give them the ability to learn about you. Give them a reason to return, after all, that’s what Restaurant Week is all about.

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