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Jet’s Pizza will Provide Detroit-Style Pizzas at 6 E. Glebe Rd. near Potomac Yard

A former dry cleaners is the new home of for pizzas and more

Alexandria, VA.  Jet’s Pizza, with more than 400 franchises in 20 states is opening this summer within walking distance to its Potomac Yard neighbor. Brothers Eugene and John Jetts opened their first Detroit-style pizza store in 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan as Jetts Party Shop & Pizzeria.

Jet’s BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza (Courtesy photo)

Jet’s is known for its square deep-dish pizza made from a recipe from the Jetts’ mother. They also serve a trademarked 8-Corner Pizza, their signature Detroit-Style pizza with corner crunch in every slice. Their current menu also offer New York style, round, and thin crust pizzas, gluten-free and cauliflower crusts, calzones, wings,  salads, and desserts.

Jet’s 8 Corner Pepperoni Pizza (Courtesy photo)

According to their website, “our Detroit-Style Pizza dough is made from a proprietary blend of flour, milled only for us. It’s kneaded and hand-pressed into thick, steel pans. Once there, the dough rises and expands into a pillow-like form.” They describe their resulting pizza as, “Jet’s Detroit-Style pizza is a light airy center, loaded with toppings, surrounded by caramelized cheese and a crispy, square, golden crust that is baked to perfection.”

The Jet 10 features pizza sauce, premium mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, hamburger, Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives (Courtesy photo)

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