Gentle and Calm Tabby Cat Rosie Needs a Home

Photo courtesy AWLA

ALEXANDRIA, VA -Rosie is a 2-year-old gray tabby kitty with pretty green eyes. She is gentle, calm, sociable and affectionate – all the things you would want in a cat! Rosie loves to entertain visitors and has never met a stranger. She is quick to rub against you, letting you know she’d like scratches and pets. While she hasn’t shown much interest in toys, she does enjoy a nice cardboard box. What’s better, right? Rosie has met a few older, easygoing dogs and done very well with them. She will snuggle right in next to them if they’ll let her. Rosie is a wonderful cat that would make an excellent, loyal and loving companion.

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) is located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave. Founded in 1946, the AWLA has supported and served as a resource for homeless animals. The organization remains an integral part of the community by providing opportunities for adoption, spay and neuter assistance, education, and outreach. To learn more, visit

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