Agenda Alexandria’s 2023-24 Topic List Includes Climate Change, Voter Participation and Zoning Laws


(Seated) Vice Chair Beth Seltzer, Ginny Franco, (first row) Chair Rod Kuckro, Mary Harris, Jacqueline Bridges, Secretary Linda App, Darrlynn Franklin, Connie Hart, (second row) Michael Pope, Tim Laderach, Treasurer Ricardo Alfaro, Executive Director Pat Miller (Photo: Agenda Alexandria)

By Rod Kuckro

Alexandria, VA – Agenda Alexandria, the city’s only nonpartisan forum that provides an in-depth look at issues facing the community, has started its 2023-2024 season of programming following the group’s annual retreat on July 22.

The September program will examine whether Alexandria is ready for climate change. In May, the City Council received a Climate Action Plan from a citizen-led task force to help the city reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. What will be required of the government and residents to reach that goal, and how could the steps needed affect day-to-day living?

In October, Agenda Alexandria will look at the pros and cons of the city’s Zoning for Housing initiative – effectively a sweeping rewrite of the city’s master plan that envisions adding potentially millions of square feet in development along with increased building heights and the possible elimination of single-family zoning.

In November, just a few weeks after statewide elections for the legislature, Agenda Alexandria will host a panel discussion of ways to improve voting participation along with reforms such as staggered terms for elected officials, wards for city council members, and ranked-choice voting.

Rod Kuckro will chair the group for the second consecutive year. Elizabeth Seltzer will serve as vice chair, Ricardo Alfaro as treasurer, and Linda App as secretary. Board members include Jacqueline Bridges, Troy Englert, Ginny Franco, Darrlynn Franklin, Mary Harris, Connie Hart, Tim Laderach, and Michael Pope. Pat Miller is the group’s executive director.

To learn more about Agenda Alexandria, visit Memberships begin at $50 a year.

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