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Pet Obit–Lucy Wadland

Lucy Wadland, 2001-July 3, 2013.

Lucy Wadland, 12, of Arlington, Virginia, passed from this world the morning of July 3 from irreversible diabetes complications. Born on a farm in Davidsonville, Maryland, she was adopted by Alfred Jerry Kish as a Valentine’s present to Mary Wadland in 2001. A tri-colored, sturdy Yorkshire terrier, Lucy travelled everywhere with the couple until Jerry’s death in 2004 wherein Lucy became Mary’s sole companion. Mary was “her person,” and Lucy reserved this absolute loyalty and protection for Mary only, without reservation, all of her life.

Extremely intelligent, Lucy possessed a highly developed culinary palate and innately knew how to properly eat such items as boiled shrimp (with the tails on—carefully pulling out the meat and leaving the shell) and artichoke leaves (scraped them just like a person!) She adored Chinese food, SpaghettiOs, clementines – all things that were really not good for her. She was a ham for the camera, always willing to be dressed up, and she had a smirk the likes of Dame Edna. Her favorite song was the theme to I Love Lucy.

Mary raised Lucy to be a free spirit, resulting in many near fatal situations as Lucy was fearless. In later years, Lucy loved to sleep—on her back, all fours in the air, snoring happily. She actually had the ability to smile and did so often. She was the quintessential alpha dog, and never passed up an opportunity to let everyone, human and canine alike, know it.

Faithful companion and trusted Publisher’s Assistant Lucy
fishing in Maryland with Mary.

In addition to Mary, she is lovingly remembered by her human aunt, Holly Burnett, and her canine friends, Teddy and Toddler. Lucy was cremated at Sunset Pet Services in Alexandria. Much appreciation to Alan Thompson, her groomer, at For Pets’ Sake for charming her in ways no one else could. Special thanks must also be given to Dr. Doree Katz and the entire staff of Alexandria’s Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre for nine years of exceptional care, and especially the morning of July 3 when Dr. Katz helped ease Lucy out of this life and into the next. Our baby girl, Lucy soared upwards and once around the room to say goodbye, flying into Jerry’s arms, of this everyone is sure.

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