Chinquapin Wahoos Swim Super at CSL All-Star Championships

Emil LaSida, Jack Schiefele, and Madison Schang win league titles; LaSida sets two league records.

Maya Solis competing at All Stars in free, back, and fly (photo by Marissa Solis)

The Chinquapin Wahoos finished off an undefeated season (5-0) with outstanding individual performances at the Colonial League All Star Championships. The team was led by Emil LaSida who won 3 events and set 2 CSL League Records in the 50-m backstroke and the 100-m IM. Madison Schang captured 1st in the league in the 8&Under girls 100-m individual medley and Jack Schiefele captured 1st in the league in the 25-m butterfly. Top 6 finishers also included Ronan Lauinger, Alex Guevara, Liya Fairfax, Eva Billips, Ellie Robb, Maya Solis, Linda Jimenez, Jolan Foronda, and Eve McLaury. The large contingent from Alexandria also included Kate Merrill, Bodie Lauinger, Lydia Greenwood, Eamonn Greiner, Chloe Fox, Amir Smith, Catherine Salomons, Chance Maxwell, Jack McLaury, Dylan Lim, Camila Zuniga, and Yahia Omar. The team excelled throughout the meet swimming 80% best times against the top competitors in the CSL. One of the biggest swims of the meet came from newcomer Kate Merrill, who was an alternate in the 9-10 girls free who not only got in the event but earned an overall 8th place finish.

Colonial League All-Star Results – Chinquapin Wahoos:


Boys 8&U 25 Free: Alex Guevara 18.59, 6th place

Girls 8&U 25 Free: Liya Fairfax, 18.71, 4th; Linda Jimenez, 19.04, 7h, Madison Schang,19.07, 9th place.

Girls 9-10 50 Free: Eva Billips, 35.69, 2nd, Kate Merrill, 35.63, 8th place                    

Boys 11-12 50 Free: Bodie Lauinger, 31.22, 12th place

Girls 11-12 50 Free: Eve McLaury, 33.00, 15th place

Girls 13-14 50 Free: : Maya Solis, 29.91, 9th place

Girls 15-18 50 Free: Lydia Greenwood, 28.93, 7th place      


Boys 8&U 25 Backs: Eamonn Greiner, 26.64, 14th place

Girls 8&U 25 Back: Ellie Robb, 23.08, 6th place; Linda Jimenez, 26.05, 14th; Chloe Fox, 27.53, 18th place

Boys 9-10 50 Backs: Jack Scheifele, 41.44, 3rd place

Girls 9-10 50 Back: Eva Billips, 41.62, 5th place

Boys 11-12 50 Back: Bodie Lauinger, 37.63, 12th place

Girls 11-12 50 Back: Eve McLaury, 38.40, 12th; Catherine Salomons, 38.60, 13th place      

13-14 boys Ronan Lauinger, Jack McLaury, Alex Paz, and Diego Flores-Acosta (photo by Marissa Solis)

Boys 13-14 50 Back: Emil LaSida, 28.58, 1st, Ronan Lauinger, 31.62, 2nd, Jack McLaury, 35.05,11th place             

Girls 13-14 50 Back: Maya Solis, 33.63, 4th place      

Boys 8&U 25 Back: Amir Smith, 26.18, 8th; Eamonn Greiner, 28.54, 16th place                  

8 year olds Madison Schang, Ellie Robb, and a competitor (Photo by Eva Van Camp)

Girls 8&U 25 Breast: Madison Schang, 25.00, 2nd; Linda Jimenez,25.74,  4th, Chance Maxwell, 28.68, 14th place

Boys 11-12 50 Breast: Jolan Foronda, 36.69, 3rd; Bodie Lauinger,43.59, 16th place

Boys 13-14 50 Breast: Ronan Lauinger, 33.70, 3rd place      

Boys 8&U 25 Fly: Alex Guevara, 20.54, 5th place      

Girls 8&U 25 Fly: Ellie Robb, 22.15, 5th place      

Boys  9-10 25 Fly: Jack Schiefele, 16.83, 1st, Dylan Lim , 19.66, 13th place

Girls 9-10 25 Fly: Camila Zuniga, 19.45, 13th, Eva Billips, 19.96, 16th place         

Boys 11-12 50 Fly: Jolan Foronda, 34.69, 11th place      

Girls 11-12 50 Fly: Eve McLaury,34.71, 5th place      

Boys 13-14 50 Fly: Emil LaSida, 27.51, 1st place       

Girls 13-14 50 Fly: Maya Solis, 32.74, 7th place      

Girls 15-18 Fly: Lydia Greenwood, 31.46, 13th place      


8&U Boys 100 IM:  Alex Guevara, 1:43.74, 2nd place      

8&U Girls 100  IM: Madison Schang, 1:44.40, 1st; Ellie Robb, 1:51.71, 4th, Chloe Fox. 1:59.95, 9th place

9-10  Boys 100 IM: Jack Schiefele, 133., 7th place; Yahia Omar, 1:37.82, 9th place

11-12 Boys 100 IM: Jolan Foronda, 1:15.09, 5th place        

11-12 Girls 100 IM: Catherine Salomons, 1:24.22, 15th place

13-14 Boys 100 IM: Emil LaSida, 1:01.54, 1st;  Ronan Lauinger, 106.77,4th place

All of the 8 and under girls who won their age group in the Division (Photo by Eva Van Camp)

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