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PHOTOS: Zebra Spottings Around the World!

Since our last printing, these are the globe-trotting Zebra spottings that have been submitted:

“Stopped in at Green Hill Lodge in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The resort dates back to 1879.” – Sunset Hills and 50 West Winery owners Diane and Mile Canney

In March, my husband, his family and I took a trip to Saudi Arabia. This picture was captured at Masmak Citadel, where the future King of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud, stormed the fort and gained control of the city. – Erin Grover

“Attending the World Forum for Early Care and Education in Macau brought us to this unlikely place to visit (unless you like gambling). But the World Heritage site of Macau because of the mixing of the Portuguese colonial rule and the native Chinese, has a wonderful blend of both in cuisine and the feel of the place. Also, you will note that the street signs are in both Portuguese and Chinese.” – Yasmina Vinci

“We submitted this last summer from Via de Leyva, Colombia but somehow it wasn’t printed, so we’re all set for another go around.”- John Perlman and Lisa Haskins

The Zebra newspaper makes Sapphire Beach St Thomas VI.- McArthur Myers

“The Zebra made the trip to LegoLand!”- City Councilmember Amy Jackson and family.

“Base camp at Mount Everest!”- Ralph Peluso

Zebra made it to New Orleans!- Michael Jaworek from the Birchmere

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