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Alexandria’s Chinqaupin Wahoos 3-1, First Season Loss to Manorgate

Wahoos Maria McLemore, July 2019. (Photo by Marissa Solis)

By Dennis Burstein, PhD

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Chinquapin Wahoos suffered their first loss of the season to the Manorgate Marlins (MG) on Saturday and are now 3-1 in the Colonial Swim League (CSL). The final score was 244.5-206.5.The Wahoos jumped out of the gates to win the 5-18 mixed gender 200-yard medley relay. Emil LaSida, Jolan Foronda, Eve McLaury, and Camilla Zuniga combined for a winning time of 2:12.78, two seconds ahead of their MG opponents. This was the first of many exciting finishes in the competition.

8 & Under Age Group

In the free, Sebastian Gamel (19.43) and Tyler Turner (20.25) took 2nd and 3rd; Dominic Grajkowski (26.75) and Sebastian (27.20) took 2-3 in the back. In the breaststroke, Chris Billups took 2nd (29.58), and Dominic took 3rd (31.51). Rodney Gardner took 3rd (25.90) in the butterfly.

Chloe Fox was 2nd (18.89) and Grace Wittmer 3rd (22.47) in the free; Chloe was 1st (23.62) in the back and 1st (25.94) in the breaststroke, and Lindy Evans took 3rd (29.23) in the breaststroke.  In the butterfly, Maddie Lim took 1st (29.01), and Lindy was 3rd (30.50). Maddie, Chloe, Grace, and Lindy finished in 1st place in the 100 meter medley relay (100MR) with a time of 1:46.74.

9-10 Age Group

Dylan Lim (35.38) took 1st and Amir Smith 2nd (41.53) in the free. In the back, Dylan was 1st (45.01) and Alex Guevara 2nd (45.59).  In the breaststroke, Alex (52.57), Amir (53.40), and Eamonn Greiner (57.00) swept the top three spots. Dylan (18.82), Alex (19.50), and Amir (23.78) swept the butterfly event as well.  Alex, Amir,  Dylan, and Alexander Wittmer finished 1st (1:22.91) in the 100 MR.

Camila Zuniga (37.78) took 3rd in the freestyle, and Laila Gaines took 3rd (46.91) in the backstroke. Halle Thomas (49.19) captured 1st in the breaststroke with Madison Schang just behind (49.33) for 2nd place. Camila (18.69) and Madison (18.85) came in 2-3 in a very fast butterfly event.

Wahoos Seamus Grenier, July 2019. (Photo by Marissa Solis)11-12 Age Group

Seamus Greiner (43.43) took 3rd in the breaststroke by .04 seconds against a very strong contingent from MG.

Kate Merrill (31.29) took 1st and Eve McLaury (32.48) 2nd in the freestyle and 1st (37.74) and 2nd (37.90) again in the backstroke.  Kate (42.46) was 1st and Sally Cox (45.47) 2nd in the breaststroke, while Eve (35.07) took 1st and Margaret Merrill (37.49) 2nd in the butterfly. Kate, Sally, Eve, and Margaret teamed up for 1st (2:30.52) in the 200 Medley Relay (200MR).

13-14 Age Group

Bodie Lauinger (29.18) took 3rd in the freestyle event, while Jolan Foronda (33.98) took 3rd in the backstroke. Jolan (34.31) captured the breaststroke and took 3rd (32.16) in the butterfly.

Maya Solis (30.94) and Catherine Salomons (32.00) took 2-3 in the free and 2nd (34.38) and 3rd (36.73) in the backstroke. Catherine (41.94) was 1st in the breaststroke with Stephanie Rosario (43.19) taking 3rd.  Maya took 2nd in the butterfly with a time of 35.06.  Catherine, Maria McLemore, Maya, and Abby Altenburg finished 2nd (2:25.16) in the 200 MR by .04 in what looked like a dead tie at the finish.

15-18 Age Group

Emil LaSida took 1st (26.16) in the free and 1st (29.41) in the backstroke. Ronan Lauinger took 1st (33.66) by .22 seconds in an exciting breaststroke event. Emil took 2nd (27.97) and Lutfi LaSida 3rd (29.53) in the fly event. In another exciting race that came down to the wire, Emil, Ronan, Lutfi, and Will McLaury out-touched MG by .22 seconds to win the 200 MR with a time of 1:59.09. Will’s freestyle leg showed the “will” of Will to capture an exciting race in a very close meet.

Lydia Greenwood (29.19) took 3rd in the free, and Emily Andrews (42.07) took 3rd in the breaststroke event. Lydia and Emily teamed up to take 2nd (32.59) and 3rd (33.06) in the butterfly event.

Seamus, Dylan, Bodie, and Lutfi teamed up to take 1st place (2:06.87) in the mixed age free relay.

The Wahoos had many swimmers give it their all on Saturday. It was a great meet between two closely matched teams.

Note: All times are in meters.

Mary Wadland

Mary Wadland is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Zebra Press, founded by her in 2010. Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Mary is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and has lived and worked in the Alexandria publishing community since 1987.

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