50 Ways Dogs Communicate with You (Part 2)

Courtesy of Ellen Epstein

From Ellen Epstein

ALEXANDRIA,VA- Have you ever been around your dog and wondered what she is thinking or feeling? Surely you have caught your canine doing something bizarre that has made you question his mental status. Even the position that your dog sleeps in means something.

This month I’m presenting the second part of a list Inno Asuncion* contributed to the Animal Channel, of the ways your doggie communicates with you: Part 2 of the 50 most common dog behaviors, explained in human terms.

16) Superman

When a dog is sprawled out on his belly, he is probably an energetic animal that has finally crashed. Puppies often sleep like this. It allows them to pop back up and resume play time when they awake!

17) Passed out

When a dog is passed out completely, lying on her back with her limbs drooping across her body, there is a good chance she is overheating. This is the best way for her to cool off. If both paws are draped across her chest, she is saying “leave me alone.” Dogs need their beauty sleep too!

18) Belly curl

A dog sleeping on his belly with his paws either underneath him or out to his sides is not getting good quality sleep. In this position dogs can’t reach REM sleep because their muscles cannot fully relax. Gentle, shy dogs usually sleep like this.

19) The fox

When a dog’s paws are underneath her and her tail is wrapped around her face, she is probably cold. This position allows her to keep as much heat in as possible. If you were to visit a wolf den (not recommended!) you would see them sleeping like this. If the dog is not cold, she could be apprehensive.

20) Back to back

It’s so cute when you see two dogs sleeping back to back! It’s even sweeter when they sleep back to back with their owners! A dog will only do this with a “pack” members that he 100 percent trusts.

21) Wave your paws in the air like you just don’t care

If your dog is either standing or sitting and has both paws raised, she cares! She is probably trying her best to concentrate.

Courtesy of Ellen Epstein

22) Giving gifts

If your dog brings you a gift, whether it’s a dead animal or your shoe, they are trying to make you happy. If your reaction is “eew” but you smile, I doubt he will be offended.

23) Post dinner cuddles

When a dog wants to snuggle up after a big meal, she is very comfortable with you.

24) Licking

Some people allow their pet to lick their faces while others get grossed out if they even lick their hands. Either way, when a dog licks you he is being submissive. He is easing some of his stress and showing you love.

25) Going crazy when you get home

“Finally, you’re here! I missed you all day!” If he could talk, this is what he’d be saying, or shouting. The wilder they get when you walk through the door, the more excited they are to see you.

26) Helping himself to your bed

Ever come home to find your dog lying in your empty bed? This is a sign she wants to feel close to you when you are not there. Your bed has your scent and, well, it is rather comfortable.

27) Leaning on you

Leaning against you is a cry for attention. He is probably feeling neglected and wants some extra love.

28) Head tilt

This must be the cutest thing any dog can do. Dogs do not know how cute they are being when they do this, they are trying to hear better. When they tilt their head, they are adjusting their outer ear, so they can better focus on where a noise is coming from. She is being curious!

29) Butt sniffing

We are going from the cute head tilt to the disgusting butt sniff. Why do they do this? A dog sniffing a butt is the equivalent of a human shaking a hand. They are saying, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” They are also trying to get to know the other dog or person they are sniffing.

30) Chasing their tail

You may laugh at your pup for chasing something he will likely not catch. More so, if he does catch it, it is going to be painful! Puppies do this because they do not realize the thing they are chasing is already theirs. Other dogs do this when they are in a confined space or feeling bored. If your dog does this regularly, check him for fleas or have his anal glands checked, as it could be a sign of a problem.

We will never 100% know what our furry friends are thinking, but hopefully, now you are a bit closer to understanding the subtle and not so subtle clues they give you.

Stay tuned to next month’s column for the rest of this list.

*Inno Asuncion is director of operations at Shareably, an online media site that believes that a media company should be dedicated to enriching and impacting the lives of its readers. They do this by highlighting positive and uplifting stories.

Ellen Epstein is Top Dog @ Bow Wow Meow Pet Care [email protected] • 703-850-5559

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