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The Art of Studio K

Six years ago Kirsten McCulloch opened the boutique Studio K salon and began displaying the artwork she loves and wants to share with others!

Kathryn Coneway’s unique tree silhouettes against colorful skies

Alexandria, VA – “I’ve really loved them all. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by beautiful artwork,” says Studio K owner Kirsten McCulloch. She shook her head and smiled, begging off having to choose a favorite among the numerous pieces of art she curates for her salon.

McCulloch has been a hairstylist for 30 years. Six years ago she opened the boutique Studio K salon and began displaying the artwork she loves.

McCulloch studied fashion design in college, and her interest in and passion for art never faded. Her goal always was to incorporate art into her shop, including jewelry, textiles, ceramics, soaps, and more.

Khanta quilts from India are among Studio K’s international imports.

Assisted by a friend familiar with woman artists in the local art scene, McCulloch procured, displayed, and sold portraits by Dana Brotman, abstracts by Carol Lukitsch, jewelry by Patricia Donnelly, and photography by Amanda Kleinman. She sponsored art workshops and an art therapist. Through it all, McCulloch has had one underlying theme: to give women a showcase to have a local voice and to display their craftsmanship.

Today, McCulloch’s offerings include artists she’s met through preschool connections, youth sports, and word of mouth. Artists have also approached her, such as locally acclaimed artist and teacher Kathryn Coneway. From ceramic infinity balls and worry stones to unique tree silhouettes against colorful skies, Coneway’s art adds to the eclectic collection McCulloch loves. “I had so many portraits up here for a while, beautiful, thoughtful faces looking at me,” she says. “Then they came down and the trees went up, and I thought, well, this is a nice change!”

Kokeshi dolls from Japan.

International imports include Khanta quilts from India, created from layers of sari scraps stitched together to make colorful, lightweight blankets. Kokeshi dolls from Japan. Midcentury demitasse cups from Italy. McCulloch is always open to new art and artists, always on the lookout for the next piece of art that stirs her soul. “I like to collect and sell the treasures I love, celebrating the art and craftsmanship of women. It always comes back to that.”

Patricia Donnelly’s jewelry is well known in the local art scene.

Call or email Studio K to learn more, see the art for sale, and perhaps make a purchase. And you may want to take advantage of her full-service hair salon as well! Appointments are best.

Studio K, 1300 Lafayette Drive, Alexandria, 703-768-0011, [email protected]

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