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AlexRenew Partners With PromisePay to Help Alexandria Residents Pay Sewer Bills

The Alexandria Renew Enterprises building in Old Town. (Photo courtesy Eric Taylor)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Yesterday afternoon Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) announced its partnership with PromisePay, a bill payment software platform that helps customers pay for utilities. With PromisePay, AlexRenew is looking to assist customers who have unpaid sewer bills due to financial hardship during the pandemic.

“The AlexRenew team understands that many of our customers are falling behind in paying their utility bills due to financial hardships caused by the pandemic,” said AlexRenew CEO Karen Pallansch. “We are working with Promise to target our customer outreach and quickly help as many people as possible.”

To be eligible for assistance, residents must complete an application to certify that they are experiencing COVID-19-related financial hardship. PromisePay will then connect with those determined to be eligible.

In Dec. 2020 AlexRenew began offering sanitary bill relief via CARES Act funding to qualified customers experiencing COVID-19-related financial difficulties. Following distribution of initial funding to eligible customers in March 2021, AlexRenew is continuing efforts through this partnership with PromisePay to distribute remaining funding.

To learn more about AlexRenew’s COVID-19 Bill Relief Program, visit:

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