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Best Places To Take a Road Trip In Kansas

Best Places To Take a Road Trip In Kansas

Despite its common title of a “fly-over” state, Kansas has many interesting sites to offer for those willing to make the journey. Be aware of the best places to take a road trip in Kansas to plot out your destinations and hit as many areas as you can. Whether you’re interested in camping, hiking, biking, or sightseeing, come prepared with supplies and an itinerary to keep you safe and on track.

Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve

Covering 11,000 acres of land, the Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve offers visitors a look at the natural state of the land and the traditional landscape that people associate with Kansas. The preserve has almost 40 miles of trails to explore. Bison roam the grounds, providing visitors with unique photo opportunities (as long as photos are taken from a distance!) If you want the full experience of the Preserve, come during the fall when the tall grass is at its tallest.

Milford State Park

For those still interested in spending time in nature but who also want a wider range of flora and fauna, Milford State Park gives visitors over 15,000 acres of wilderness. This includes fishing, hunting, biking, and an eight-mile stretch of trail that takes hikers through the open wilderness of Kansas. If you’re interested in a more relaxed activity, discover the site’s diversity of animals with wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes open for bald eagles; they’re known to inhabit the park grounds.

Wilson State Park

Wilson State Park is on the edge of the western badlands, and it takes you to the rockier and more desert-like biomes of Kansas. Wilson provides visitors with a 20-mile-long biking trail for an uninterrupted ride that hugs the Wilson Reservoir. This reservoir, measuring 9,000 acres, also allows guests the chance for paddle boating, kayaking, and swimming.

Know What the Site Call For

When deciding on the best places to visit in Kansas, you need to account for the diverse landscapes you’ll run into. Whether prairie or rocky, mild weather or harsh, you should always come prepared so you can protect yourself against avoidable injury. This also means ensuring your vehicle is in a condition to handle whatever the environment throws at it. Always make sure your tires are reliable and tough enough to survive damage and always seek out professionals to assist with necessary tire maintenance.

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