Tips on Taking the Forklift Practical Test

Tips on Taking the Forklift Practical Test


According to OSHA, the forklift certification has 3 levels you need to pass to fully possess a forklift certification. In order to pass each level, you need to focus on studying. Although we’re giving tips on the practical portion of the forklift certification test—which consists of performing operations you’ve learned in your lectures—it’s vital that you know and understand each stage of the forklift certification process.

The Different Stages for Forklift Certification

Forklift certification can take time to complete. Most of the time, the license is only given if a worker has demonstrated the ability to maintain, operate, and safeguard an area when operating a forklift. Below, we’ve listed each section so potential forklift operators and employers can understand the forklift certification process.

  • Section One: Formal Instruction. This consists of lectures, book materials, and a basic breakdown of how a forklift works. Formal instruction can be completed virtually.
  • Section Two: Practical Training. This part helps future operators learn how to maintain a forklift and operate one under direct supervision.
  • Section Three: Evaluation. This is the final part. You need to demonstrate everything you learned in the classroom and in practical training.

Tips To Help Pass the Forklift Practical Test

Forklift operating is hazardous, so it’s essential to stay safe while driving one. Otherwise, you risk failing the test, and you need to go through the process all over again. To help you ace your test, here’s a list of our best tips on taking the forklift practical test.

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety is a top priority. You’re evaluated on the safety measures you need to take each time you operate a forklift during the test. The safety measures include everything you’ve learned from the instructors during live workshops. Things you need to consider are slowing down, turning signals, and aisle navigation.

Forklift Inspections Are Key

During the evaluation period, your instructor might give you a checklist to go off of to inspect your forklift. Some things include checking for obstacles blocking your forklift, how to check the forklift’s mechanics and if it needs to be recharged or refueled.

Always Check the Forks

The next part you’ll be heavily tested on is how much weight to carry on the forks. The forks are important for the future, so remember to raise the forks before you turn your forklift on, lift with care, and don’t go over max weight.

One of the most essential tips on taking the forklift practical test is to show up with confidence. All that you learned up to this point has helped prepare you for the next phase of the forklift certification. Now that you know the essential forklift skills, practice them so you can ace your practical forklift certification test.

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