Is Your Street Part of Alexandria’s Repaving Plan?

The city is plans to resurface roads throughout Alexandria beginning July 1. (Photo: Deposit Photos)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The City of Alexandria is responsible for maintaining 561 lane miles of road. The Transportation and Environmental Services Department assesses the condition of each street every three years.

The budget proposed by City Manager James Parajon for Fiscal Year 2023 (beginning July 1, 2022) includes $7.1 million to pave roads in Alexandria. (It also includes $63.4 million for the next decade.)

If the budget is approved, the following roads will be repaved starting July 1:

· Eisenhower Avenue Concrete from 1000′ W of Cameron Park Place to Lake Cook Entrance

· Gibbon Street from South Payne Street to South Union Street

· Griffith Place from Fort Williams Parkway to End

· John Carlyle Street from Eisenhower Avenue to Duke Street

· North Dearing Street from King Street to End

· Sanger Avenue from North Van Dorn Street to End

· Quantrell Ave from Lincolnia Road to Beauregard Street

· Templeton Place from Fort Williams Parkway to End

· Bennett Street from Saylor Place to End

· Sterling Avenue from North Quaker Lane to End

· Tower Court from South Whiting Street to End

· Florence Drive from West Glebe Road to End

· Four Mile Road from Mount Vernon Avenue to Florence Drive

· West Caton Avenue from Sanford Street to Commonwealth Avenue

· Reinekers Lane from Diagonal Road to Duke Street

· Albany Avenue from King Street to End

· Arell Court from Duke Street to End

· Calhoun Avenue from North Rosser Street to End

· Chelsea Court from Fort Williams Parkway to End

· Clermont Avenue from Eisenhower Avenue to End

· Cockrell Street from Duke Street to End

· Coventry Lane from North Quaker Lane to End

· East and West Oak Street from Mount Vernon Avenue to Russell Road

· East Uhler Avenue from Mount Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue

· Englehardt Lane from Jamieson Avenue to End

· Farrington Avenue from South Van Dorn Street to the City Limit

· Saylor Place Entire Length

· Garden Drive, Usher Drive, Vermont Avenue

· South 28th Street from King Street to End

· Palmer Place from Polk Avenue to End

· Pender Court from Palmer Place to End

· Hancock Avenue from West Braddock Road to End

· Key Drive from Francis Hammond Parkway to End (Roan Lane)

· Jackson Place from Woodland Terrace to Tyler Place

· Valley Drive from Preston Road to West Braddock Road

· Lasalle Avenue from North Pickett to Juliana Place

· Longview Drive from Duke Street to End

· Loyola Avenue from North Howard Street to Stonebridge Road

· Mark Center Drive from Seminary Road to North Beauregard Street (Mark Center Avenue)

· Maris Avenue from North Van Dorn Street

· Beverley Drive from Valley Drive to Washington Circle

· Moss Place from Fort Worth Avenue to End

· Notabene Drive from Old Dominion Boulevard to Four Mile Road

· North Quaker Lane from Duke Street to West Braddock Road

· Pommander Walk Street from Franklin Street to South Union Street

· North Frost Street from Lawrence Street to Seminary Road

· Potomac Greens Drive from Slaters Lane

· Pine Street from Russell Road to Holly Street

· Queen Street from North West Street to North Union Street

· Raleigh Avenue Entire Length

· Richmarr Place from North Latham Street to End

· Rosecrest Avenue from West Custis Avenue to Russell Road

· South Floyd from Duke Street to Wheeler Avenue

· Sunset Drive from King Street to Commonwealth Avenue

· Surry Place from North Latham Street to End

· Suter Street from Earl Street to End

· Sweeley Street from Duke Street to Colvin Street

· Talbot Place from North Pegram Street to Prospect Place

· Edsall Road from South Van Dorn to Cameron Station Blvd

· Jamieson Avenue from Andrew’s Lane to End

· West and East Glendale Avenues from Leslie Avenue to West Timber Branch Parkway

· Vasser Road from Cambridge to End (Vasser Place)

The city’s paving schedule is guided by a Pavement Condition Inventory (PCI) score. The upcoming work is based on 2019 survey rankings, according to Mayor Justin Wilson’s Council Connection newsletter.  (See a map HERE.)

Though the city’s paving work is informed by the PCI, staff must also account for utility work and other projects.

More road work will follow during 2024 and 2025.

For Fiscal Year 2024, Alexandria plans to repave:

· Duke Street from Dulany Street to South Patrick Street

· South Washington Street from I-395 to Duke Street

· North Washington Street from Cameron Street to First Street

· King Street from Janney’s Lane to Dangerfield Road

· Hermitage Court from King Street to End

· Green Street from South Patrick Street to South Lee Street

· Cloverway Drive from Dartmouth Road to Janney’s Lane

· Holland Street from Duke to Eisenhower Avenue

· Dale Street from Edison Street to End

· Oakley Place from East Timber Branch Parkway to End

· Orleans Place from North Gaillard Street to End

· Ormond Avenue from North Gaillard Street to North Howard Street

· Sylvan Court from Trinity Drive to End

· Stevenson Avenue from South Whiting Street to Stulz Road

· North Stevenson Square

· South Stevenson Square

· Edison Street from West Reed Avenue to End

· North Clarens Street from Trinity Drive to End

· North Breckinridge Place from Lincolnia Road to End

· Murrays Avenue from Swann Avenue to Calvert Avenue

· Oakville Street from Swann Avenue to Fannon Street

· Fannon Street from Richmond Highway End

· Juliana Place from North Pickett Street to End

· East and West Mason Avenue from Stonewall Road to End

For Fiscal Year 2025, Alexandria plans to resurface:

· Jamieson Avenue from South West Street to Mill Road

· West Timber Branch Parkway from Ruffner Road to Junior Street

· Seay Street from Longview Drive to End

· Viewpoint Road from Longview Drive to End

· Emerson Avenue from John Carlyle Street to Holland Lane

· Wilkes Street from South Patrick Street to End

· Mayer Place from Allison Street to End

· Juniper Place from North Jordan Street to End

· Milan Drive from West Glebe Road to Four Mile Road

· West Windsor Avenue from Russell Road to Commonwealth Avenue

· Herbert Street form Commonwealth Avenue to Mount Vernon Avenue

· Manning Street from Commonwealth Avenue to Clifford Avenue

· North and South Lee Street Entire Length

· North Garland Street from Fort Worth Avenue to End

· Sharp Place from Saint Stephens Road to End

· Vicar Lane from Bishop Lane to End

· Adams Avenue from Newton Street to Mount Vernon Avenue

· Newton Street from East Braddock Road to East Luray Avenue

· Gunston Road from Valley Drive to Valley Drive

· Elizabeth Lane from Eisenhower Avenue to Courthouse Square

· Metro Road from Eisenhower Avenue to South Van Dorn Street

· Boyle Street from Buchanan Street to End

· Second Street from Colonial Avenue Drive to North Fairfax Street

· Laird Place from Manor Road to Tennessee Avenue

· Stovall Street from Eisenhower Avenue to Mill Road

· South Bragg Street from City limit to End

· Ford Avenue from North Hampton Drive to End

· Banks Place from North Morgan Street to End

· Franklin Street from South Union Street to South Payne Street

· Commerce Street from South Fayette Street to South West Street

· Fern Street from North Quaker Lane to Osage Street

· North Imboden Street from North Howard to Raleigh Street

· Sanford Street from West Mount Ida to West Del Ray

· Price Street from East Bellefonte Avenue to Cliff Street

· Ballenger Avenue from Holland Lane to Courthouse Square

· South Royal Street from Gibbons Street to Queen Street

· Slaters Lane from Richmond Highway to End

· Portner Road from Slaters Lane to End

· Portner Place

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