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Rodent Control: How Do Professionals Keep Mice Out of Your House?

Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, by corn sack, August 2009
Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, by corn sack, August 2009. Courtesy Photo.

ALEXANDRIA, VA–According to government statistics, almost 15 million Americans have seen signs of mice in their homes. Rodent control and rodent extermination are not things you want to tackle alone! Hiring a qualified mice pest control expert is the best choice when there are signs of mice.

There are several ways professionals exterminate rodents and get rid of mice out of your home, including setting up traps and closing up entryways. In addition, rodent control includes putting out bait to get rid of mice.

Here’s more on how the experts exterminate rodents.

Setting Up Traps

At the first sign of mice droppings in your home, professionals will recommend setting up traps around your home. The rodent experts will put traps in the living room, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, and entryway. Crawlspaces and attics are also good spots for traps.

Essentially, any place there might be food is a good spot for a trap!

Different types of traps work with different types of mice, so rodent control experts will use what’s best.

Closing Up Entryways

Closing up entryways is an excellent way to help with rodent extermination. Rodents can get into small nooks and crannies in your home and soon become a problem.

The experts recommend sealing everything if you have a hole in the wall or gaps underneath the door. Mice pest control means closing or sealing smaller than a dime. You might be surprised at the spots mice can squeeze themselves into!

A rodent expert might recommend a trip to the home improvement store to buy rubber flaps for doors or caulking to seal up any windows or doors. Fixes such as these can be relatively inexpensive. When you use them with other techniques, you can eliminate rodent problems.

How Professionals Tackle Rodent Control and Rodent Extermination 

Professionals tackle rodent control and extermination in several ways, including setting traps and closing entry points. In addition, experts also put out bait. Following these simple steps can help you get rid of your mice problem.

Are mice and rodents invading your home? Contact Planet Friendly Pest Control today and let us help you get rid of the problem. We can eliminate rodents safely and efficiently without significant interruptions in your life.

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