Charles Funderburk Turns 100 in Alexandria, Virginia

(Photo: Mayor Wilson Social Media)

Alexandria, VA – Charles Funderburk was born on March 12, 1923, in North Carolina. At age 20, he moved to Alexandria, where he has been at home for 80 years, raising four children with his wife, Pearlie-May. They married on December 22, 1940. Mr. Funderburk worked at then-St. Agnes Episcopal School for Girls and, in January 1953, began a career at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, where he worked for over 50 years.

Mayor Justin Wilson and Charles Funderburk celebrate their birthdays around the same time in early March. On March 11, the mayor posted this photo of the two together during the centenarian’s celebration at 1799 Prime Steak and Seafood on South Pitt Street. Mayor Wilson and the City Council congratulated Charles Funderburk on his long, productive life and 100th birthday.

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