Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Not Always “In the Dirt” – Air Plants Thrive Soil-Free!

by Ray Greenstreet Alexandria, VA - When it comes to growing and nurturing most plants, good quality soil is usually the top priority. But tillandsia,...

December Garden Dirt by Ray Greenstreet: Christmas Trees

While most of the year we are sharing our experience and expertise on garden plants, December brings people to garden centers for a very...

What Plants Work Best Indoors?

By Ray Greenstreet As the days continue getting shorter, we spend more time indoors—away from fresh air and gardens we have cultivated over the last...

In The Dirt: Summer Flowers

by Ray Greenstreet The heat is on. Has the strong sun and high temps left your spring flowers looking a little crunchy and wilting too...

Ornamental Grasses: 101

A workhorse in just about any landscape, ornamental grasses are as varied as the gardens they inhabit. They come in many sizes and shapes,...