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Restless at Home

By George Frederick

Restless at HomeA few months after retiring, I became restless at home.  After 25 years as a diplomat and civil servant, I was ready for a change of pace, yet not willing to stop contributing to my community. An internet search brought me to RSVP Northern Virginia, a program geared to putting retired professionals back to work serving the community.

RSVP was a good fit for me.  The opportunities suited my skills. Volunteering in Alexandria, my hometown, is important to me.  Belonging to my community has always been about serving.

In Alexandria, RSVP is hosted by Volunteer Alexandria, a local volunteer center that links volunteers with opportunities in Alexandria, and I found a perfect position with Volunteer Alexandria.  Now I help write stories for the newsletter, local papers, the website, as well as particular projects. I’ve gotten to know Volunteer Alexandria and their partners and learned their work was all around me. Their influence is dynamic and reaches all corners of Alexandria.

Although I am retired, I have a school-aged daughter who demands a good deal of my time.  It was important for me to find a way to volunteer around her schedule.  Volunteer Alexandria gives me that flexibility.

This year I handed out emergency preparedness kits to schoolchildren and helped other retirees built successful resumes to launch the next phase of their lives. Every month RSVP contacts me with opportunities. It is fun to work with people with similar interests and experience.

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