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Money Talks: Alexandria City Council Kicks Off FY 2021 Budget Season With Annual Retreat Nov. 2

It's that time of year again. What time? Time to talk about the upcoming budget.

(Left to right) Alexandria City Council woman Amy Jackson, Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Mayor Justin Wilson, Councilman Canek Aguirre, and Councilman Mo Seifeldein at the 80th anniversary commemoration of the Alexandria Library Sit-in, on Oct. 21, 2019, at Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library. (Photo: James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – As fall turns green leaves into delicious hues of orange and red, the Alexandria City Council will be in Alexandria Renew Enterprises at 1800 Limerick St for a good part of the day this Saturday, Nov. 2. Why spend that time indoors? It’s their annual meeting to look over budget estimates from City Manager Mark Jinks and city staff.

Last Year: Alexandria City Council Adopts Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

The Fiscal Year 2021 budget process is now officially underway, and the proposed budget will be presented to the public on Feb. 18, 2010. In the meantime, however, Council will adopt its FY 2021 budget guidance on Nov. 12, and will hold work sessions leading up to that date on Nov. 7 and Nov. 11.

The retreat on Nov. 2 is scheduled to be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and will include: 

  • Opening remarks from Jinks
  • A forecast of general fund operating budget planning revenue
  • A presentation on city employee compensation
  • A presentation on the Alexandria City Public Schools operating budget
  • A presentation from the city’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee

ICYMI: City Council Approval Budgets Census Outreach Efforts at $80,000

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