Emergency Child Care Available for Essential Workers

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Alexandria, VA –  In its nightly email, the city continues to urge residents to stay at home, unless going out is essential. And when out, they stress the importance of maintaining six feet of distance around others.

Emergency Child Care

Alexandria is working on temporary options for child care for essential workers, including individuals employed at hospitals. All who are required to work during the COVID-19 crisis are eligible for assistance. For details and forms, click HERE. If you are someone looking for help, click the form labeled “For Parents.” If you are willing to offer help, click the form labeled “For Providers.”

Emergency Medical Care

The city and Alexandria Health Department are advising people not to put off emergency medical care. If a need arises in your household where medical care is necessary, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. Since the coronavirus reached the DMV, people have neglected to receive care out of fear. Please be aware that emergency rooms have taken proper precautions for the safety of all. Remember, delaying treatment can be dangerous, especially if you have signs of a heart attack, stroke or head injury.


Today is #FriendlyFriday, as Virginia continues Resilience Week. Empathy, respect for others, kindness, and cooperation are qualities of resilience. Showing someone you care about them can help you both feel connected to a support system. Social support is exceptionally important for maintaining good physical and mental health.

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